Thursday, February 2, 2012

Megan is still missing.  Day 6.

Sadly Megan has not been seen or heard from since Saturday, January 28th at 3:30pm.  Her 1997 green mustang with a beige hood has not been spotted either.

Tony and Aletha, her parents, are still desperately trying to find their daughter while trying to contain their composure.  Although it is very hard they are trying to live day to day hoping any moment their Meg will contact them.  They are very appreciative of all the positive/ compassionate comments and abundance of prayers.  Family and friends have created a wonderful support system for them and they are forever grateful.

At this point in time police nor large media stations such as News Stations can do anything further than the simple person to person notification, due to Megan's age.

Please take a few minutes and post this link on any media, websites or social media outlet you may have access to.  The internet is an amazing tool in situations like this, if used correctly.

Keep an eye out for Megan and her car.  She could be anywhere.  If you see her or her car please call 911 or The Montgomery's at 678-492-5767.

Tony & Aletha are holding tight to God's promises and believe He holds the future and is still performing miracles.



  1. I don't know anything about any teacher or this girl's past or any of that. I do hope she comes home safely and soon.

    I don't know this girl but someone mentioned that a story had reported she was a recovering addict. I do not know the validity of this claim but if she is addicts have a behavior pattern. They will seek out old contacts and hang outs. I have a friend who is a recovering addict. If she went missing and I was trying to find her the last thing I would do is post it on fb. I would call some friends and her family I trust and the sheriff and check any and all of her drug haunts before she knows you are looking for her. All this fb stuff will send her into a guilt spiral and make her hide longer if she has relapsed, the more hype the harder it's going to be for her to face everyone.

    If she's been detained against her will or there is some reason to believe something like that any information on the suspected assailant would be helpful.

    I just am trying to understand why a 22 year old woman leaving her parents' house on her own and then apparently voluntarily deactivating her fb account and turning off her phone is SUCH cause for concern. Again Not bashing. Hoping she gets home safe. I posted her picture and actually kept my eye out for any green mustangs with body damage and a beige hood while I was in town. But I have seen few people even ask why the parents should be freaking out this much. And I think (based on some past experience) that if she just left to go on a bender it may hurt more than help where getting her home as soon as possible is concerned.

    I'm not saying I wouldn't want to find my daughter as soon as possible but I could see how doing all this would make it harder for her to come home if she has just slipped up. What is she going to tell everyone when she comes back if that's the case?

    Praying she is somewhere warm. My friend who used to have a pretty bad addiction to opiates would sleep in her car and abandoned houses so I'm hoping Megan is safe and warm where ever she is.

    If you want to word to get out about Megan, stop blocking people from your Facebook page. I live in Oregon and know people in California, but you have me blocked because I suggested you try and contact the people she used to hang out with. I think the family is hiding something that will help in a major way in this case. Get her email, answer her secret question, and hack her facebook. It's not that hard. Also, report the car stolen, bring your daughter home, and stop your attention seeking ways.

    This isn't about YOU anymore. Prayers are great and everything, but you need to start taking some PRACTICAL advice and steps toward locating Megan. Think of the worst situation and the place you would hate her to be...she's probably there because she knows you are too PROUD to look there.

  2. Dear Anonymous. Megan has been found thanks to GOD and the abundance of prayers that have been (and still are) going up for this family. There is so much more I would like to say to you, but I am a Christian, and I know when to keep my "mouth" shut. I pray that God blesses you in such a way that you will no longer doubt Him nor see prayers as impractical. God bless you!

  3. It's great to keep faith, but new technology found her. Seriously, wake up. No need to pray for me - I'm just fine.